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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Expert Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Milford

accounting & bookkeeping in MilfordAt Myer & Myer, we offer essential accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses. Whether you run a startup or a multi-state organization, we have the financial solutions you need to improve efficiency. One advantage of working with us is that you decide how much of our involvement you need. We methodically implement our strategies to ensure you reap maximum benefits.

Our highly skilled and experienced CPAs also excel at setting up accounting software and training employees. As certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors, we'll help you automate day-to-day transactions to increase accuracy and regulatory compliance. Personalized services provide a fast response to your inquiries. For more information about our premium financial solutions, schedule a consultation today!

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How We Help Small Businesses

Accurate accounting and bookkeeping are beneficial to all types of businesses. It helps you create precise revenue forecasts that assist with budgeting and marketing. You also enjoy financial stability, make higher quality investment decisions, improve productivity, control costs, and prevent fraud. We provide the following Milford bookkeeping and accounting services:

QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Services: This certification means our team has the requisite skills to train you on QuickBooks or perform all the tasks you need. Our proficiency helps you access tailor-made financial advice, comply with accounting regulations, and spend more time on core business pursuits.

General Ledger Cleanup: A general ledger acts as the foundation for your whole accounting system. It collects transactional details and feeds your financial reporting, and it is essential to keep it as neat as possible. A cleanup allows you to track growth accurately, satisfy stakeholders, and manage transitions.

Account Reconciliation: This service ensures your financial balances are accurate at the end of an accounting period. It involves evaluating statements and correcting discrepancies to determine if the money spent matches the amount removed from your accounts.

Financial Reporting: This practice gives investors and other stakeholders a detailed view of your revenues, expenses, and other financial aspects. It involves a thorough analysis of your balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, and other financial documents. Financial reporting ensures your accounting practices align with GAAP standards.

Benefits of Professional Accounting & Bookkeeping

businessman looking for accounting services in MilfordYour business will enjoy the benefits of cloud accounting by outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services to our team. One of them is automation that allows the speedy processing of multiple transactions with limited errors. It also offers top-notch security features such as data backups, encryption, storage, and anti-malware scans. You can still access your data even if you lose it on your local drive. Cloud accounting also offers scalability that works well for a growing organization. Other benefits are integration with relevant platforms and convenient accessibility.

Our Milford bookkeeping and accounting services help you budget accurately, avoid tax issues with the IRS, and organize your records. Our team makes it easier for your business to meet financial targets and comply with regulations. You also enjoy peace of mind while receiving valuable insights about your industry. Our customized solutions save you time and money by picking the most beneficial services for your organization.

Accounting Support for Nonprofits

If you're involved in running a nonprofit, you'll soon realize they have different accounting needs from their for-profit counterparts. We help you follow state and federal requirements to maintain tax-exempt status and avoid legal ramifications. The main factors of nonprofit accounting include:

  1. Ownership Requirements: Unlike for-profit organizations, you can't own shares in a nonprofit. You can play the role of a founder and sit on the board, but you can't place a monetary value on your contribution. That means your accounting system won't have aspects such as retained earnings and owner's equity.
  2. Reporting Expenses and Income: Unlike businesses that earn revenue from selling goods and services, nonprofits receive grants and donations. There are strict rules for how you can spend these contributions. You'll need separate ledgers and budgets to ensure you use funds according to the donors' wishes.
  3. Accounting Systems: While for-profit entities maintain balance sheets, nonprofits have statements of financial position. This particular document shows the current assets that can further your philanthropic mission. Instead of reporting net income, your accounting system should track surplus revenue after expenditure.

Our services help you differentiate between these accounting requirements to ensure transparency and accountability.

Milford Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

business partners shaking handsSince 2001, Myer & Myer has been the go-to provider of business accounting and bookkeeping services. Our highly skilled and experienced CPAs offer specialized expertise for various industries. Examples include healthcare, construction, hospitality, law, real estate, and manufacturing. We customize our Milford accounting and bookkeeping services depending on your needs.

In addition to being passionate about helping businesses succeed, we also have a reputation for honesty and reliability. Our precise strategies will help your company enjoy a positive cash flow, avoid payroll complications, and conform to IRS regulations. We also offer associated services for increased convenience. They include tax planning strategies, QuickBooks data transfer, and troubleshooting to identify and resolve accounting and bookkeeping issues. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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